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Yardi Genesis 1 & 2

Accounts Payable

  • Create and Review Payables
  • Review Payable Batches
  • Creating and reviewing work-orders
  • Processing invoices after reconciliation with work orders
  • Vendor payments through checks, EFTs, credit cards
  • Process owner distributions

Accounts Receivable

  • Create Rental Charge, Review Charges, Reverse Rental Charge, Create Rental Charge Batch
  • Create Receipts, Review Receipt/ Receipt Batch, Process Credit Card/EFT Receipts
  • Write-offs
  • Other Charges Processing including Late Fees, recurring charges,
  • Monthly Recurring Postings
  • Processing Rents via LockBox

Tenant Accounting

  • Set-up of Tenants with complete information
  • Creation of leases
  • Handle Move-In and Move-outs
  • Calculate CAMs and overage
  • Creating Tenant letters and correspondence

General Ledger

  • Create or Reverse general ledger entries
  • Transfer entries
  • Import/export transactions
  • Create recurring general ledger entries
  • Close Month or Year


  • Owner level reports
  • Unit level reports
  • Tenant reports
  • Property reports
  • Payables and Work Orders related reports
  • Financials